CVV number are not stored in our billing system

  • Friday, 20th November, 2015
  • 06:36am
The CVV number are not stored in our billing system! 

All credit cards for processing manually with our company to protect against fraud we need the CVV number entered into this billing support ticket or we cannot manually process the order.
This helps us prevent fraud.
So any time a charge is made to your card you have to submit the CVV numbers every time sorry for the inconvenience.
Or we can do it over the phone 316-730-9504 and you provide us the CVV numbers we have to protect our company as well as our customers. No one wants fraudulent charges added to their bank account so this is our security step other than that all customers most likely use Paypal to pay to avoid fraudulent charges.
So if you would like us to process your credit card manually you're going to have to provide us the CVV numbers!
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